14 Awesome Blogs to Follow

Inspiration always needs to come from somewhere. Here are the blogs that I follow on a daily basis. If you are interested in Product Management, Marketing, Agile Methodologies, and Interaction Design, I wholeheartedly recommend checking them out.
Mind The Product – Whether you're just starting as a Product Associate or are a seasoned veteran of Product Management, Mind The Product is an encompassing library of knowledge for any Software Product Manager nowadays.
First Round – First Round is a place where you can find really well-written articles from experts in the Product, Operations and Marketing. Lots of real-life experience lessons.
Conversioner – This blog is all about conversions. Also, covers various marketing topics on how to retain users after converting.
Scrum.org – Probably the most extensive blog on Agile, with concise articles. Can be a bit dogmatic about Scrum sometimes.
Mountain Goat Software – This a great place for every seasoned Agile practitioner. Mike Cohn's blog is filled with useful, down-to-earth articles and not-so-subtle humor.
Martin Fowler – One of the biggest Agile legends and a guru of software refactoring. It's not updated often, but the stuff you can find there is gold.
UX Booth – This blog is not just great posts on UX, but a place where the philosophy of User Experience itself is being discussed.
UX Matters – Another must read if you're into UX and/or IxD.
Nielsen and Norman's Blog – Led by the legends of UX, an awesome place to gather more material on UX and User Research.
Design Modo – A collection of stuff that can be described as simply beautiful.
Measuring Usability – Name says it all.
Usability Geek – Whenever you ask yourself something that starts with "Should I" regarding the design, you can probably find your answer here.
OMG Ubuntu – If you are a Linux geek as much as I am, OMG Ubuntu is a place where you can find news regarding Ubuntu. Sometimes, there are posts about other Linux builds from time to time.
Tech Insider – While not a blog, BusinessInsiders' section on Tech is a go-to place for staying informed about what is happening in the tech world.