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While the Scrum framework has lots of benefits for the businesses that are into product development, there is one benefit that most of the product people often overlook. Scrum helps you ensure that you are building the right product.

One thing that Product Managers do not have a luxury of doing is to provide excuses for the product failure. Neither do CEOs.

If you have been in the software industry for a few years, all the chances are that you have experienced severe hatred towards some of the programming languages. You might have even seen some developer going medieval on their laptop, cursing the programming language they are using. That has to stop right now.

While Scrum community is steadily overcoming the challenges which developers are facing, it is strangely silent on topics regarding how to implement modern UX practices into a Sprint.

Few days ago Canonical, company behind Ubuntu, announced that Ubuntu will ship with Gnome Shell as the default environment. There are things that Canonical will need to work out with Gnome Shell developers before 18.04 release if they want to make Ubuntu matter once more.

There’s an ongoing discussion in the Scrum community whether you should you replace a sprint backlog item with a product backlog item of equal size, when the sprint has already started. Should you do it? Read on to find out.

Although some people claim that you should use Scrum for projects with fixed date contracts, it might not be a good idea. Scope cut is not always an option.

There is a myth going around that technical people should never become Product Owners. Is your product in danger, or it can benefit from having such person around?

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Thinking about using Kanban in 2017? If you need a process to effortlessly organize a chaotic environment, this 10 minute read could help you decide whether Kanban is the right solution for you.

If you have ever worked for a software engineering company you must have noticed that people are always unhappy about something. That is perfectly fine, as humans are beings who strive to improve and perfect their skills. Here's what can be done in order to improve both the happiness and the performance of your engineers.